Articles Of Association

AAFVP Articles of Association

Articles of Association: Association of Armed Forces Veterinary Personnel (AAFVP) established January 1988 and amended 13 Oct 1990, 10 Oct 1992, 24 Oct 1995, 3 Nov 1997, 27 Oct 1999, Jun 2001, 27 Aug 2003, 15 Sep 2005, 11 Oct 2007, Sept 30, 2015, and August 6, 2018 as an IRS 501c(19) non-profit organization.

ASSOCIATION NAME: The Association of Armed Forces Veterinary Personnel will be identified with the following acronym: “AAFVP”. This acronym includes all active military members regardless of branch of service and all retired members having served in the U.S. Armed Forces. See Article V. Membership Policy.

PURPOSE: To maintain and/or re-establish contact with fellow retired and active duty veterinary personnel from all U.S. service branches. To publish and mail (or email) to each active member a newsletter at least semi-annually of each year and a membership roster be made available on request to permit members to maintain the current location of the membership.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors (Referred as the “BOARD”) shall consist of nine or more persons drawn from the membership of the Association. This number may increase or decrease based on recommendations by the Board to the membership and voted by an amendment to the Articles of Association.
All Board positions shall be elected every two years during the national reunion business meeting by those members in good standing in attendance. Nominations can be received electronically or by mail by members in good standing that are unable to attend the meeting.
The current Vice Chairperson will automatically assume the Chairperson position after having served two years between national reunions. In the event of illness, death or resignation by the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson becomes the Chairperson and nominations will be accepted and voted electronically to fill the remaining term of the Vice Chairperson. If the Vice Chairperson cannot fulfill the duties of the position in the event of illness, death or resignation, nominations will be accepted and voted electronically to fill the remaining term of the Vice Chairperson.
The positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Chaplin and Master-at-Arms are voted in by the membership and can extend beyond the two year reunion timeframe with the approval of the person in that position (i.e., fill successive terms). Nominations for any of these positions can be submitted during the national reunion business meeting and require a vote from members in good standing in attendance only. Nominations can be received electronically or by mail by members in good standing that are unable to attend the meeting.
The AAFVP Board also includes Regional Vice Chairpersons from the following areas: Texas/APO’s and Europe, Eastern US, Western US, and Active Duty. Each will serve a two year term and may serve successive terms at the approval of the membership.
Vacancies in any position of the Board, other than the Chairperson, during the term of office may be filled by a majority vote of the Board and that person will serve until the next scheduled Reunion election.

AAFVP POLICY: The Board will establish policy for the association, and with the best interest of all membership in mind. Any action taken or recommended by the Board is subject to membership approval. For example, a member’s response to an action taken by the Board will be reviewed without prejudice. The final ruling will be published in the next AAFVP newsletter. NOTE: No response to changes in policy, rules, recommendations, etc. will be considered “concurrence” of the member!

MEMBERSHIP POLICY: Membership eligibility has been established to include all personnel who have served or are currently serving in the Veterinary Service or Veterinary Corps as an enlisted member, Commissioned or Warrant Officer or DOD Civilian member. Additionally, the spouses of deceased members who were in good standing and upon their request, may maintain continued membership for life, as nonvoting members. Membership eligibility is extended to branches of service that included veterinary services (i.e., U.S. Air Force, etc.).

MEMBERSHIP DUES: The initial registration fee for membership is $20.00. This fee covers the first two calendar years. Annual dues are $10.00 per year and are to be paid in advance to cover the expense of the newsletter, SGM Hoefs Award, P.O. Box Rental, and some pre Reunion costs as well as covering the life members where there is no more revenue coming in. Two years arrears in dues can result in loss of membership.

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: At age 70 a member in good standing will become a life member and will not be assessed any further dues. If you would like to attain a life membership and are not yet 70, subtract your age from 70 and multiply the result, times the annual dues fee. This way you will not have to worry about your annual dues. Donations are always welcome to maintain the viability of the association.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Recommendations for Honorary Membership may be submitted at any time by a member in good standing, to the Board of Directors for evaluation. Award of an Honorary
Membership to a nominated individual will be at the discretion of, and without restriction to 100% vote of the AREVP Board.

ASSOCIATION REGISTRATION: Completion of the registration form, or Email with the following information and the initial registration fee, will authorize the association to include each member’s name and address in future rosters to our membership list. Last Name – First Name – Middle Initial,Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Email Address (if you have one), Spouse’s Name, Home/Cell Phone Number(s), Dates served and Rank and MOS held; Branch of service (Army, Air Force, DOD Civilian, etc.); and name of an OIC and/or NCOIC (if an enlisted Veterinary Service personnel). DOD Civilian will identify their job classification and workplace location. Service members will provide initial AD date and retirement date if applicable. Members understand that the information provided will be
made available to only AAFVP members and not released to 3rd parties. It will be published in updates to the AAFVP Membership roster.

FUNDS ACCOUNTABILITY: The Association Secretary / Treasurer will receive, disperse, and account for all AAFVP funds as required. The National Chairman of the Board of Directors will direct a minimum of two members to examine, review and certify the association financial records at least annually.

ASSOCIATION TERMINATION: If the association would be terminated due to lack of membership interest, lack of sufficient funds to continue operations or for some other unknown reason, the total amount of funds on deposit with the association after payment of all known debts will be donated to the US ARMY MEDICAL MUSEUM, FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS in the name of the association. Notice of the termination will be mailed to each member in good standing at the time of the dissolution. In the event that the US Army Medical Museum cannot accept these funds, they will be donated to the Uniformed Veterinary Medicine Association (UVMA) as a non-profit Corporation.

ASSOCIATION REUNIONS: Every effort will be made to hold a National Reunion every two years for the purpose of Fellowship and Election of the Board of Directors. The National Reunion location will be decided by a majority vote of those members in good standing attending the reunion. Nominations for locations from members in good standing that cannot attend can be received electronically with their vote up to one week prior to the Reunion to be considered. Mini Regional Reunions may be held on the off year at the discretion of the Regional Vice-Chairman of their Region

Board of Directors
Chairperson Jerry Mangol
Vice Chairperson Bruce Pittman
Secertary/ Treasurer Fred Reimers
Chaplin Lee Bateman
Master at Arms (Vice Sec/Tres) Homer Byington
Contact Information
Fred Reimers


3905 Arroyo Seco
Schertz, TX 78154
(210) 602-1534
[email protected]
Regional Vice Chairpersons & Assistants.
Texas/APOs & Europe Jim Hardin/ Chuck Koytrba
East Charles McCall
West open
Active Duty Vacant