2021 Branson Reunion (Canceled)

OCT 17 AT 9 AM EDT – OCT 21 AT 12 PM EDT

The reunion has been Canceled. We are truly sorry. Members should call and cancel their reservations.

AAFVP Reunion In Branson, MO

Hotel is Lodge of the Ozarks, 3431 W. 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO. Reservations accepted Now ! Call (417) 335-2555 and ask for booking under the AAFVP (or Association of Armed Forces Veterinary Personnel) to meet our contract obligations.. Contract rates range $109-119. Don’t forget to Mention AAFVP for our rate. Committee working on venues scheduled during reunion and will post later. Banquet dinner will be Wednesday evening. Checkout on the 21st.

The following members have made reservations in Branson so far.

Bailey, Jimmie L

Bateman, Lee Hospitality Room Banquet Room

Bateman, Lee & Lucinda

Blaisdell, Merlin

Burnham, Greg

Bystrom, Paul & Josephine

Carter, Margaret

Clark, Ron

Dalton, Richard

Derstine, Wayne

Goad, Marshall

Hamilton, Jerry

Jones, Frank

Karch, Karen

Kelly, Dion & Karren

Lujan, Marta

Mangol, Jerry

McLaughlin, Frank

Noonan, Patrick

Peebles, John.

Pittman, Bruce

Reimers, Fred

Sharples, Douglas

Stith, Richard

Strief, Terry

Watterson, Matthew

Welch, Mike

Williamson, Robert Total Reservations: 29

Events info update 30 June 2021

Twenty-nine of our forty rooms have been reserved! Lee’s contact at the Lodge was surprised at how quickly people made reservations once they opened up.

UVMA and AAFVP members are making reservations. Please encourage members to make reservations. Something is happening in Branson and everything is booked for the week that we will be there.

Bruce Pittman has arranged for a visit to the College of the Ozarks Dairy Operation for Tuesday morning at 0900. 

The General Meeting will be Wednesday afternoon, 1400ish? with the catered Banquet Wednesday evening. Jerry is coordinating arrangements for the banquet. So far, for $20, 4 meat items, side dishes, desserts, and ice cream. We would like a headcount for the banquet about three weeks ahead.

COL Carter accepted the invitation to be our guest speaker.

After visiting Branson last week, I think that with the variety of shows and showtimes available, we have an open Agenda so members may attend of their choosing. Perhaps have flyers with sign-up for members to coordinate with each other. Many places offer group rates. Let members make their own arrangements. Most attractions offered military discounts which varied, but you do need to ask. I will scan in the brochures that I collected so they may be attached on the web page.

We have names for the contacts to the Chamber of Commerce, but both ladies are out of the office yet this week. Lee will keep trying to contact them.

Two places Lee and I visited were the Farm and Auto Museum and the Military Museum. Both offered return visits the next day for the same ticket. The Farm and Auto Museum had VERY old farm equipment, not just tractors, and automobiles to interest many.

The Military Museum had eleven “halls” with displays from the Civil War to modern conflicts. MCIs and MREs were on display. Many heroes from the local area had displays of their uniforms and descriptions of their service.

There is a free trolley with about a dozen stops, primarily around the downtown area. 
Many of the attractions are within walking distance from the Lodge.

Carpooling would be an advantage to go to outlying areas.

The showboat Branson Belle has noon and 4 pm cruises on Tuesdays through Saturdays. 

The Branson Scenic Railway, the Ozark Zephyr, with 1130 and 1400 rides. The Dinner ride is only on Saturday. 

Lee and I plan on leaving Friday evening to arrive Saturday in Branson. My mother is planning to travel with us. She was very helpful setting the bags and hospitality room up at the Nashville reunion. This will be her third reunion with us.

If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK! 

Check these PDFs for events in Branson

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